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 Our digital learning methodology

With Anderna, face-to-face sessions remain at the heart of our plans for reflex acquisition, transfer, interviews and sharing practical experiences. To boost the effectiveness of our plans, Anderna proposes numerous methods for developing the performance achieved by your teams.

What we believe means for us : designing the best customised learning roll out for teams by mixing :
  • One to one and collective inhouse training
  • E-learning modules and video-based learning modules
  • Serious games
  • Mobile learning and renforcement solutions
  • Social learning and best practices sharing communities
  • Web classes and virtual group workshops
  • Online assessment tools
We do not believe that consultants who conveniently lead blended sessions with e-learning modules are not familiar with or even contradict what they are accustomed to teaching, is a good solution for you. But it is mostly what you may encounter in the market.

Anderna offers a coherent mixture that is unique on sales negotiation and management. Anderna respects 70/20/10 rules of learning. We are content publishers, directors, digital learning module integrators and training consultants all rolled into one. Anderna can offer a coherent learning chain, which explains why our plans are so successful : Participants understand and appreciate the overall logic of all the methods we put forward for progress.

To summarize :