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 Blended Learning for behavior skills

Halifax Consulting-Anderna Group systematically offers blended programs (mixed learning plans) within the framework of sales skill development programs. Why ?

Because nowadays, new digital technologies make it possible for us to offer both attractive and effective forms of support that complement our "face-to-face" work sequences, thanks to video mobile learning, gaming ...
  • Why bring people together to learn about things that they could learn themselves?
  • Why move people around for learning programs that they could all take part in remotely as a group?
  • Why consider the consultant as being a mere trainer when s/he can be an outstanding facilitator when key concepts are to be appropriated by and transferred to your employees?

Because it works ! We already have a number of highly significant successful experience in over 20 different countries in Europe, China, America and Africa.

It is not just a matter of digital learning. It is a matter of digital transformation of your organisation and culture of management. And it begins by transforming the way your collaborators learn better, faster and cheaper with digital tools.