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 In-Company training sessions

Halifax Consulting-Anderna Group has a high level of expertise in problems relating to sales performance. The areas in which we provide our products and services affect all business sectors, regardless of employees' profiles. We train and coach extremely diverse populations :
  • Company leaders or high-flyers heading toward commercial roles
  • Partners, project managers, directors of consulting or business management firms
  • Sales representatives, business managers and key account salespersons
  • Networks of door-to-door and office-based salespersons, commercial managers
  • Customer services, call centers, pre-sales technicians, back office salespersons

Some examples of topics for tailor made sales or management trainings

  • Negotiation training
  • Sales training, Prospection training
  • Selling to key accounts training and key account management
  • Sales management training
  • Sales managers assessments
  • Coaching salespersons training
  • Client relations training
  • Personal development training
  • Networking and lobbying training
  • Sales leadership training
  • Sales steering training
  • Recruiting salespersons training
  • Sales rebound training

Some examples of missions-references on tailor made sales or management trainings

  • Blended learning program on negotiation for 200 sales executives throughout Europe in an industrial company
  • Blended training of 50 elite key account managers who generate 50% of their company's turnover in business sales
  • Training 1,100 advisors to sell a new range of products and services in a retail bank
  • Training of 150 managers and partners of a large consulting firm
  • Training in sales rebound and retention in a 400-person strong call center for a telecom operator
  • Blended training of 650 salespersons on a certified training and negotiation program for a B to B distributor