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 Learning engineering

Halifax Consulting-Anderna Group designs and organizes large-scale training deployment operations. Our expert knowledge of learning engineering is drawing on the background of more than 1,000 accomplished assignments. Our experience in the area is fine-tuned and benchmarked, ensuring that you get the methods best suited to the specifics of your company.

Our operational excellence in the fast deployment of your transformation and change projects

In an interconnected and dematerialized world, business is accelerating and requires constant skill renewal. Henceforward, it is essential to deploy change and transformation projects quickly to oxygenize your business talent nursery and ensure corporate performance. 
However, it is difficult to ensure mobilization and in-house training of business or managerial teams who are already submerged with work. 
We ensure that their experience is available to the deployment of your projects through to their upstream and downstream reaches. Our learning methods are passed on by operational people who are specialized in sales and training.

Our expertise in the complete line of skills (business, learning engineering and training) guarantees:
  • The efficiency of the devices/systems involved.
  • The integration of technologies and digital methods at the lowest cost.
  • The cascade deployment of your projects.

Some of the themes of our theater of operations:

  • New negotiating approaches
  • Developing service sale or solution sale approaches
  • KAM programs 
  • Customer orientation transformation