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Rehearsal: Video training platform

Rehearsal is a modern and engaging video training platform, offering the possibility to develop sales and managerial skills and to share them with your team.

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Coach's side

Rehearsal allows you to:

  • Post new exercises
  • Evaluate the exercises carried out by the participants
  • Follow the mastered elements, the individual and collective progressions
  • Propose to «nominate» the best videos to the «Leaderboard» so that the whole community can view and share them
User's side:

Rehearsal allows you to:

  • Receive detailed instructions and scoring criteria that will be used by the coach to evaluate the quality of your answer
  • Give your answer according to the instruction, situation or role-playing game by recording a video
  • Post your response videos on any support (PC, Tablet, Smartphone ...)
  • Receive an appreciation, a personalized feedback or advice for progress