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 Sales aid tools

Halifax Consulting-Anderna Group designs innovative tools and develops unique methods to add to the professionalism of your sales force.

Making the approach systematic to generalize best practice

Instinct and oral culture are often the keywords to cooperate business performance. This undeniable reality tends to leave out analysis and training, both of which are the cornerstones to professionalization. 

We help you with tools and methods to: 

  • Professionalize sales forces and customer relation teams
  • Align business methods, get the buy in of your corporate programs by different local sales forces
  • Circulate information and best practices

Some of the thematic fields of our tools:

  • Corporate marketing programs : services, distributors, new products...
  • Sales arguments that are interactive and digital.
  • Decision-making, such as the KAM (Key Account Management) toolbox.
  • Account management, networking or market analysis.
  • Steering of complex projects by large account sales teams in IT services companies (personalization of business reviews and account tools). 
  • Accompaniment through change management during the deployment of CRM tools or Sales Force Automation to optimize sales force activities.